Satan, an article from a non-obsessive viewer on the matter

Sunday, ‎January ‎27, ‎2013 11:01:29 AM

Lately, on facebook allot of my friends have been posting things on satanism and thelema, occultic symbols and glyphs. 
Someone had posted last night that christians came up to him and asked him if they could pray for him and he said “if I let you pray for me to god, you must let me pray to you for satan.” He said they left.
why do christians and ex-christians believe that satan is a goat headed god, who damns people, who defiles people, who turns people against god? It is in the bible, many times, that satan, is a follower of god in his own his way and god wants satan to tempt christians on their path to see who is true to him, for he is jealous, and to see who will stray. If christians stray is their god going to abandon them? no. Prinicple in the bible is simple. Salvation is given to the fallen, and their able to get back up and solider onward. Regardless, if you ve faith or not – life is hard. it doesn’t matter if god is who you serve or satan, or another diety, life will still be hard.
Even if you are rich, and well off, life will always in someway be difficult. You will have choices to make, how to spend or save, what to buy, what color? What to eat, how to much to eat, how much to pay? If you are a church goer, how to much will you tithe in one month and how it factors in your budget? How much to provide for you or family, what to buy, in bulk or not? How much to eat and what to eat? How much snacks are and how much to eat? Many people, factor to much and do not enjoy anything because they are always budgeting or planning their lives and do not factor in the spiritual quota, unless its on sunday.
Satan is a name defined for hella, the female counterpart of Hello in nazarene. She is also called Vera, and in some texts “magdelena” for the care she gives to the graves/cemetary in olden rome and voli. The Jews, whom she would not lay with or sleep with, or slaves, or nephilim, who were very unclean to her, or “Samael’d” which means to them “defiler” for they say she defiled her mate with her love, which was only for him. It’s the same as today, if you want a woman who only wants one man, then you will make fun of her bond to him and make her the talk of harlots and prostitutes. You may even try to woo him! Or pay to have him woo’ed away! Satan is not a devil with a tail pointed or horns with claws for hands. Satan is not a Goat, a wooly, unclean beast of the pasture, with matted fur/coat who is ugly, and comptemplates wisdom. This is the basis for the figure Baphomet, the inverted pentagram of all Satanists or Luciferians. It Means matter over mind, instead of mind over matter in the wiccan way.However, the seal of baphomet is an open-door to the ugly side of our lives so we may be comfortable at being unperfect or ugly. The pentagram is a binding seal of knowledge against abuse magickal or otherwise, so whenever technically wiccans use a pentagram, their binding their ability to go through an open door to know beauty or to know grace or to know it through being ugly.
The seal of Baphomet, created in the late 12th century by one of the knights templar, or monks of baphomet, really has nothing to do with the female satan, who has been known in texts since 133 B.c.e. in Phoenechia.The seal would be placed over a door, so they could visualize and ask the dark/darkness to enter their lives so they could be enlightened in their hard times of the dark ages. Food/Clothing/Money was scarce. There were sicknesses and aliments due to the winter months. It was hard to keep candles and fires lit in their castles, so any kind of enlightenment was seen as a blessing. Placing the seal or wearing it, is asking to be “uncorked” by baphomet, the wisdom seeker who is ugly and rejected. Not to be loved, or taught, but to learn ones’ own. They saw Baphomet who was also called “Lar” or “lars” to be the ugly side of Christ who left them here to perish and die. They wanted him to come to them and open up the door.
Satanists really have it all wrong today, believing if they they embrace Satan, Christians will be fearful and run away and they can be lost to their own whims and ungodly passions. Many of the time they embrace something that stands for love sacred and freedom, and do not understand the true meaning because their not changed enough by energy vibration or ascension to know what or who they are working with. People won’t listen christian or otherwise. It doesn’t matter what deity you are working with, because it is not religion or gods that is the problem. It’s humankind itself.
Human is a state of mind, a conscienceness. Mortal is also the same. We are all something Immortal, regardless if we believe in it or not. Uncork it, and it is! Keep it bottled, and you suffer like dead people who walk. HUmanity concerns the emotions of people and the world. Mortality concerns your living choices. Immortality concerns your spiritual self, and your physical-spiirtual self and then your spiritual-physical self if you transcend, or “goi”.
There is two kinds of beings in the world, Revenant, and Renevant.
Revenants can project and when they die, do not leave a body behind. They take it with them to whatever afterlife vis of their faith.
Renevants are unhealthy and can not project (lupines) and leave their bodies behind. It is also sad because of them are souless, and are poorly animated dead who walk now, because their bodies are so sick with aliments like lupus and heart disease, that they can barely function due to their “anima or Animus” being half dead within them.
This is why Vampirism is for mature souls, because you will either live a long time or as a renevant you will live for a short while while the planes of god and realms are in motion. They are felt, they are atmospheric. They touch the lives of everyone, revenant or renevant. Some view it as blessedness and others as damnation. These can not be reversed. If they were, much of the ways of renevants would still be in full swing,thinking they could cheat people and god, and gods people, away from their heritage. Stealing our men for marriage for no reason just to be mean and get money, as well as our strigoi women.
It’s not just a Strigoi’s time or life now, it is god and goddess, and deity walking the realms of earth, or the dead again in elysuim, asphodel or Tartarus. (Roman/Etruscani Belief) Illians believe you are what you are. You need no realm except the one you are on. This is your ride and tide to glory! Undead, dead or alive, your choice.
You will always experience heaven and hell and paradise, or tribulation – perdition. It doesn’t matter what your belief is, or your religion or experience. You experience it all, at different stages, over and over again. This is the endless walk of all Immortals. It is a walk, a stumble, a dance. It is blood-thirsty, blood-driven and blood-shed. It is a cross, an arrival, a journey. It is barely making it up the hill. It is true, of the movie quote “what we do in life, echos for eternity”. What you do here as a man, follows you as a beast, from here until hell or heaven or otherwise. This is true of revenant, and renevant and you know it.
— Nyx Massien
Author: Ana Massien
Published: Feb 4th
Modified: Feb 4th


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