I have a new community.

I have a new site at siteground 😉 lol It’s called http://foresthome.paganjourneys.net PaganJourneys.net is an oxwall community and as great as it is, it doesn’t have an rss feed function. The Forest Home is a Buddypress, and I am thinking about changing over to wordpress/buddypress entirely.


I hadn’t logged in here for a while because I haven’t felt like writing or doing anything with vampire sites.

I went looking on google and googled real vampires, and the websites all embarassed me, because it was escapism everywhere, and that is not what I am about. I am not trying to be a real vampire to escape a normal world or society; I am an energy consumer. I am an energy shaman. I see better when I eat, drink or consume natural food and energy. I see better when I drink blood in small doses, sometimes, even from myself. I feel better when its cloudy or rainy or stormy weather, because of the natural  wonders of energy in such atmospheres.


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