Last Night

Last Night, I had a bad night, where an ex had reminded me he had gone to the local fair last year with some other girl. I was thinking how unfair life is, in general, while laying in bed before sleep and could as my shaman eyes saw it, see a tangible thread or rope in life called “what isn’t fair”. What isn’t fair had tried to kill me, sent men away from me, sent men to harm me, and many other things. I , in a dream walking manner grabbed a hold of it’s not fair tangible, and my life became revolutionized. Everything that never happened and never was fair, became fair. The night stretched on and was beautiful, I had been one with the unfair tangible before and then I had become so hurt and so angry I quit being one with unfair tangible. Then The Unfair began to work against me, and to hurt me and to make me hurt.


I have ascended more in the last three days than I have in the last three years.

I choose to put this here and cross post to vamppress, because there is a way to conquer the unfair tangible, but you have to SEE what and why it is there, why is life so unfair for you? Sometimes, we waste oppurtunities, rather than have them taken away from us.

Then, I remade the new unfair tangible and tried to figure out what was wrong with the old one. There was nothing there to lead the unfair tangible as a shaman, it had become abandoned by another disincarnate. Unfairness is nothing but a small servitor that we think of as unfairness from god or the world, because we’re less to ourselves than what we really are. The story the teacher said always had to have a villian, a bad guy an antaganist, someone that stood against every good guy in the world. Unfairness kept us alive.

It was unfair that my family didn’t want me. It was unfair that I had to move into a shelter. It was unfair to make us all get up at 6 am in the morning and be out by 8 am, and not back in till 4:30pm. It was unfair that I was not happy when I Moved. It was unfair that the guy didn’t love me like I loved him. It was unfair that I got sick and had to go to the hospital. Unfairness moved me forward and kept me alive. It loved me like nothing else could by infecting my life and refusing to go away. “you will have to continue even if I don’t want you too” I said one day when I was five, and she assured me she would. She did.

Today, we remade the old tangible into the new tangible of unfairness. Still as shamans impacting lives and keeping people alive.


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