About Me



Ana Massien

I am 37, female, a webmistress of a Vampire site for a very long time, off and on since late 1997.

When I first began my energy work online; there were no Social networks and no facebook groups and pages.

Many people networked from aol, tripod and geocities, talkcity and xanga, livejournal and more.

Those are gone today, but many people have held on to their websites, and still have them 10+ years later.

I Ran the first Social Network on Free ning for energy vampires called The Dark Coven Network, and we did it on a subdomain!

120 members in 5 months time. Then Rev. JP Vanir followed me and ran Temple United Vampire Pagan for  a very long time on ning, myspace, facebook and yahoogroups. I miss those days! While Ning is now 3.0 and still afffordable, I am looking to shift down from the social social platform and gear over to wordpress where I eventually want to have buddypress on my blog for members. Til then, we may move on over to grou.ps.

I love social media. I believe anyone can have a successful community if they invite the right people and pitch the right content. So far, only my writings have inspired people.

I want to eventually use VampPress for Community interviews and survey’s regarding the current state of the online vampire community as a whole and not just as a handful of websites or webmasters. I want to set up the spiritual state for the true form “community / presence” online, and state what we allow, what we don’t, what our goals are, what we’re not goal-ing for and so for and so on.


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