It’s “A Vampire Community” people are going to lie.

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English: Dust Storm in Black Rock Desert, Nevada (USA). Français : Une tempête de sable dans le Black Rock Desert, au Nevada (États-Unis). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But, why should they?

I was looking at my stats, and no surprise the “Don’t fake your id” post is the most trafficked post we have at this moment. I chose to post my theories and opinions on the matter, due to having been around said “identity” for three or more years, and also a few of the others if not longer. Both are draub “identities” — I refuse to list them as people, because they not be what they say they are.

For instance, many do not know that I have a fake profile on facebook, that is a man, and when I log in to that profile, I have many catty comments from women, who want me to look at their nudes, their pictures, join their causes, and take place in the world (Guys, how do you stand these “vampiric hoes”?). I don’t and I hardly ever use that profile anymore and I don’t do it for laughs, though I could. It’s natural — this is a vampire’s community, which factually does not exist, is a handful of websites with message boards, and polls and that’s it on the web today. An Organization should, meet with a website, face it’s facts to the wind, state its business and then it’s members, with their websites should meet under its banner.

That is what I will be doing with the spiritual state, eventually after I sit down and write down it’s causes, goals, needs, wants/desires as a community standard then go from there. Let’s put that forward to differate why we are not sanguine/sanguinarian or fetish, or psi-vamp/psyvampyre, but elemental vampiric and Spiritual Shaman with our energy needs and purposes.

The main reason I have this fake profile, is, as a writer and publisher, sit down and bust people with their fake ID’s and their fake worlds. This person was someone I was a community member of, and while their vampiric work was great – the further prove they have something to hide by leaving said community, acting like “Their lives are all better now and they don’t have to subject themselves to either their falsehood, or their need to interact with less wholesome individuals who pretend to be something for attention.” 

Never Have I pretended to be a Vampire to receive attention. If I model, cosplay or dress up for Halloween / Samhain, I see it as an extension of my already Vampiric being, much less anything else! I don’t want attention from being vampiric. “Look at meeeee!” that’s shallow and stupid of anyone to do. But calling yourself a woman, who dresses like a vampire, who games, who cosplays, who pretends and pretends, isn’t doing anything but defaming themselves of being happy, living in a retention-ished lifestyle of being transgendered, then living as a cosplayer, is constantly never being real with one’s self or allowing one’s self to be happy, or to just be as one was born or created. That would get old quick, regardless if she is a real woman or not, don’t you think it’s kinda obvious ?

She and her bf are always on the go: Masque Balls, Renn Faires, Burning Man (and Burning man hasn’t been held in black rock desert since 2009), and the pictures she posted was from 2006, and 2003. E3 conventions, ghoul girl photoshoots, this that and the other, never any alone time together, always on the go, and when home, either playing video games or working on her steamwolf products, which have the same dedication as another etsy shop, called Mode by Roland Ashcroft, which is the same persona of the person I am writing about here.

It’s not if the ID truly is a female, or even a male.

I don’t hate this person. I dislike this person/persona for lying to me, for lying to others and thinking it’s ok.

I have heard from them again via facebook, and they accused me of stalking them, because I said I knew that their “work” wasn’t really factual.

Stalking is when you follow someone on foot or via your car, looking for them to make a mistake, or seeing if they may possibly be cheating on you. Stalking with a badge is called undercover work, which is what private detectives do when someone asks or pays them to follow a friend or lover, like with the show Cheaters for instance. Looking up an address or website online and whois’ing the ip and address is NOT stalking, even though if harm came to the person from further cyber lookups then a judge may rule that this is being stalker-ish. It is certainly being nosy, but whois, who also keeps a record of when the record was last updated, (like when you update the information), is also kept to show who someone may be, but is not definitive enough when it comes to businesses. The website address for it’s company does not actually have a real factual address, which she said was two residental houses in southern california. No, in California, any “entertainment business” for birthdays or such, MUST have a factual building address for it’s businesses, and a person who works for any company who doesn’t have a business license for their media business in southern california, if found and convicted can spend up to two years in prison and face a fine of up to 135,000 dollars, EVEN if they do not LIVE there or have residence there. IF they use a southern california business in any form or fashion, even stating on the website that “they live here and the business provides media and entertainment for children at birthday parties” then they must provide their business license that must be updated every two years at their local courthouse.

I am pretty sure this persona does not have a factual business license that is in accordance with the law of Southern California which is Statute Entertainment and Media -142 which is in referral to -A and -B in their local Court statutes laws and such. It goes from Statute Law 142 to 146 I believe. You probably could google it. I believe that this law was circa 1996 and onward, but if I am wrong, I am wrong and if it’s just that damned easy for a tg to prey on children and create a fake business it just is.


Burning Man

Burning Man (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Homosexuality and Sacred Union and Vampirism

Why I don’t support Homosexual Union at all, much less in and between Living Ascending Vampires

Warning, if you are in favor of gay marriage, or marriage period, you’re not going to like this one. Leave now!

This is an opinion I have on Gay Marriage, Same sex energy lovemaking energies, Marriage even as straight, and how Immortal beings end up as “human being” which is a change in through progression due to the denial of one’s self and one’s emotions.

First thing is first, both paganism, shamanism and wicca, as well as Christian / Nazarene teachings indicate that Male to Female energy as well as Female to Male energy is Correct alignment sexually for divine love making. Male to male, and female to female is incorrect because through the intimacy of your male/female partner as male/female and vice versus, if you trust in them, they will take you to heights, where you have never been before, which means that works just between the two of you, only. That is your sacred divine commitment to one another, ONLY the TWO of YOU. No one else. You can not take that divine commitment and use it with someone else. This is a divine soul union, and it doesn’t work outside that union with anyone else. If you try it, no matter how mature your sexual partners are, they are going to get hurt and it can produce a type of death emotionally that takes time to recover. Many people have taken that commitment to other places with other women and men to “fix them” to make them realize they are cool, loving people too. It’s hurtful to your partner who you experienced that with because they know you can never experience that heighten sensation and breaking free with anyone else, because you are trying to hurt them in some manner by taking your divinity and spreading it throughout someone else, male or female. It’s rude. This is technically taking the holy spirit in vain, or taking and spitting on the god or goddess, lord and lady.

It’s not anything wrong with you, personally. They are just trying to help fix whatever they think sexual divinity is going to fix in someone else. When it’s not. People become broken inside themselves because they refuse to take resposniblity for themselves, emotionally, physically, psychically, mentally and spirituality wise. The basics of the metaphysical body, which is PHYSICAL. Sexual divinity isn’t use to “FIX PEOPLE”, it’s used to experience your partner in their soul, and them in you. It’s like I have matured as a complete being  outside myself, alone, and now I can chose to experience my soul partner as themselves, but if they are not complete it’s not going to work. Few people understand how to use namaste and ascension to I AM themselves into heaven to bring completion to their lives.

That is why people think they have to “screw you” to get pieces of the puzzle back. No! You were born divine, created by God or Goddess (you will soon learn Goddess is God energy too, and it’s not a Christian God, it’s just Divine Source, Creation, Shamanic Walker.) You were just not RAISED UP Divine, because most human families use broken traditions and teachings to raise their families. People grow up thinking Gays and Homosexuality is a fix because Men will love you in a different manner if you are a man and woman will understand a woman better, and love them better. Love is the same in any relationship, regardless if it’s male to female, male to male or female to female. Relationships teach dependancy and slavery to self and our partners, as does Marriage, Gay or otherwise, straight, right? LOL

As a shaman I have learned that I don’t want a mate to own me: male, female, straight, gay, or bisexual. I have a hand, I can use it to orgasm all damn day and night if I want, and I can please myself and have no need for a lover. If I am going to have sex (which I haven’t in four years, yet I have, yet not with a physical body) I have open relationships as a projection, and my mates are totally on the up and up with one another and I don’t have sex outside of them, and I feel like I am ready to be with them in a physical place as well, but if we can’t get to one another we can always project. They are lucid projectors, and I know my body very well, as well as my sexuality as theirs, and their needs and desires. We don’t need Marriage, or a Commitment. Like and lust is very open — you do or you don’t. No one needs to lie, marry or have an exlusive owning relationship with anyone else, so if you are in an open casual friendship, which I call mine, no one can get upset to anyone going to someone else. But because they were raised up with broken, undivine teachings all their lives we have become to believe we have to marry by 30 and have kids and have one mate and never experience anyone else. You will continue to rack up guilty feelings if you conform to a life of slavery and broken tradition that you were raised up by. If you are going to experience GOD, GODDESS, Namaste and Ascension, do yourself a favor and step away from the world, because these things are of the world and not DIVINITY, but of IVINITY, Self inverted to get “even on everyone they have ever known”.

Gay people, as I used to be into women — Use that archetype and energy to experience a squicked energy of perverse union between themselves and another man or female, same sex. It produces a high of “I can get everything I want” by being with them in a sexual way as that’s how I felt, so don’t tell me that’s not what it is and it’s all about the freedom of love and loving as that’s shit on a stick, buddy.

But when I became a shaman, and followed the Nazarene teachings of Mary, and ascension in a divine way, I gave up my feelings and attraction to the female form, with another woman outside of MYSELF. If you masterbate, you will know and recognize that you like your body. This is apart of godhood if you didn’t know and Immortality, to recognize that you love yourself and you lust yourself, so your first sexual partner is always going to be YOU. That’s totally ok as long as your not like cutting into your own flesh every time you do it. We all experience ourselves all the time. This is natural if you are Strigoi and a Shaman or an energy being or therian, god or goddess from time and place (reincarnation), this is not Demonish, or sinful. If you do masterbation for the wrong reason, and you feel guilty, stop it until you have the need to do it right. Love and lust yourself openly with yourself, there’s no need to squick yourself over it also.

If you are doing that with yourself, then you will want to do it with other people too, not only masterbation but sex. I understand that, but every soul is born or created (usually divinely created) into a soul group. That soul group openly will grow up to find one another usually and will experience each other in many ways, including sexually.

This should be encouraged, not put down as long as it’s wanted.

I’ll not lie to you, I have projection sex with my group sometimes, and I no longer have to use my hand with them, I can be fully in my spirit and be with them. It’s heavenly divine!

No need for marriage, or owning in a relationship!

We already have commitment to one another, we don’t have to break it down and ignore one another.

I encourage my soul group not to have sex with the men of the soul group, even though like me, they love their body. They will always technically be bi-sexual, but I don’t have a need to experience another female. I don’t need that, because I am mature and complete as a woman. I am with my men, but not as a group physical someone would be greedy and not me. I am not meat to be stared at. I am a divine vampiric being or strigoi, I enjoy blood rite and sex rite with my men, and being there for them and sharing the love of the sacred kind, not just sacred lust, but sacred love. Sacred lust is just as important as sacred love for a divine soul union. Normal Lust and love isn’t going to work for a divine being. We have ascended we can go higher, longer and it’s needed. I like to experience my mate for more than just 30 minutes. I have heard that men only last for 30 minutes due to their masterbation practices. No, men who masterbate regularly can last longer with their partner in a divine way as long as divine union allows, 5 seconds or five hours – a divine union will go until they get completely sated, which is never. That’s the whole point, to become wrapped up in one another so intimately that no one can break you apart. You can have many unions like this if you are a divine and complete being outside yourself but only with CORRECT alignment of energy. Gay energy unions will die out quickly which is why they end up doing something else to help build intimacy in their unions. Why promote gay marriage so much? Where are your rights?! “Let us marry!” what’s the big damn deal? You are already living and screwing one another. When you combine energy like that, you already divinely combine that energy and that union, even if it’s UN-DIVINE!!!! A Certificate does What, really?!

We’re always supposed to make love to one another that the end or the start of the day. We come home to our divine mates, they help us cope and love through every day life. Their is no way a male to male relationship will exist past 5 years or a female to female one. Anyone can comfort and be a nuturer, male or female, they are just not open to do so. If I realize who my divine partner or mate is, I am not going to nuture someone else.

This will not be an honest thing for me to do to step outside a divine union with someone else. I may have a divine orgasm but there will be no connection with that person outside of base sex. That’s not truth, honesty or divinity.

Author: Ana Massien
Published: Mar 30th
Modified: Mar 30th

Uncomfortable? Don’t Fake the ID.

The News..Uncomfortable or not.

My other tumblr blog, the strigoi post, follows and tracks news about former and current vampire webmasters in the community.

Well, I have unearthed something on VampireKitten that is now not a member of the community in anyway, now being ‘ in a better place in his/her life’ she/he is not a real vampire anymore or therian. They just cosplay.

Apparently, me listing their work, where they do cosplay, and

among other items etc. made them feel uncomfortable on our little piece on tumblr, when the article (and it shouldn’t matter) if Hero 4 Hire is mentioned or not as the articles don’t call her/him names. What I am trying to say is was forwarded to for Merticus’s Vampire Project. No, what I am saying is Merticus is Vampirekitten, and VK isn’t a real female! While I can’t actually prove to you outside of tracking down both *or trying too* that they are the same person, I just don’t understand something. What does have to do with the new global vampire directory (as a domain?!?) Ok so why Forward the Domain?! Like Merticus has a problem buying domains!  Nothing! I am the only person who talks about true form vampirism, which I was into before 2004, which is around or about the time they bought their domain. They moan a fit back in the day and take it down, and then all a sudden it forwards to a known big global vampire site? Bad press was done with the domain if you ask me, not our article.  I used to be a member of their community, while I have never been a fan of Atlanta Vampire Alliance, or House AVA, Merticus’s Main project, before this Global Vampire Directory, now that the Suschatio Archives are up, flailing over, etc… (or whatever they may be doing) I don’t know. I leave Vampire Community Politics to the Mayors and the “councils”..of which there are not. (Joke!) -Sighs-

Just a heads up, the Vampire Community you may know may not even be legit identities running around on the www. Has this always been a problem? Bite at your own risk!