Last Night

Last Night, I had a bad night, where an ex had reminded me he had gone to the local fair last year with some other girl. I was thinking how unfair life is, in general, while laying in bed before sleep and could as my shaman eyes saw it, see a tangible thread or rope in life called “what isn’t fair”. What isn’t fair had tried to kill me, sent men away from me, sent men to harm me, and many other things. I , in a dream walking manner grabbed a hold of it’s not fair tangible, and my life became revolutionized. Everything that never happened and never was fair, became fair. The night stretched on and was beautiful, I had been one with the unfair tangible before and then I had become so hurt and so angry I quit being one with unfair tangible. Then The Unfair began to work against me, and to hurt me and to make me hurt.


I have ascended more in the last three days than I have in the last three years.

I choose to put this here and cross post to vamppress, because there is a way to conquer the unfair tangible, but you have to SEE what and why it is there, why is life so unfair for you? Sometimes, we waste oppurtunities, rather than have them taken away from us.

Then, I remade the new unfair tangible and tried to figure out what was wrong with the old one. There was nothing there to lead the unfair tangible as a shaman, it had become abandoned by another disincarnate. Unfairness is nothing but a small servitor that we think of as unfairness from god or the world, because we’re less to ourselves than what we really are. The story the teacher said always had to have a villian, a bad guy an antaganist, someone that stood against every good guy in the world. Unfairness kept us alive.

It was unfair that my family didn’t want me. It was unfair that I had to move into a shelter. It was unfair to make us all get up at 6 am in the morning and be out by 8 am, and not back in till 4:30pm. It was unfair that I was not happy when I Moved. It was unfair that the guy didn’t love me like I loved him. It was unfair that I got sick and had to go to the hospital. Unfairness moved me forward and kept me alive. It loved me like nothing else could by infecting my life and refusing to go away. “you will have to continue even if I don’t want you too” I said one day when I was five, and she assured me she would. She did.

Today, we remade the old tangible into the new tangible of unfairness. Still as shamans impacting lives and keeping people alive.


I have a new community.

I have a new site at siteground ūüėČ lol It’s called is an oxwall community and as great as it is, it doesn’t have an rss feed function. The Forest Home is a Buddypress, and I am thinking about changing over to wordpress/buddypress entirely.


I hadn’t logged in here for a while because I haven’t felt like writing or doing anything with vampire sites.

I went looking on google and googled real vampires, and the websites all embarassed me, because it was escapism everywhere, and that is not what I am about. I am not trying to be a real vampire to escape a normal world or society; I am an energy consumer. I am an energy shaman. I see better when I eat, drink or consume natural food and energy. I see better when I drink blood in small doses, sometimes, even from myself. I feel better when its cloudy or rainy or stormy weather, because of the natural  wonders of energy in such atmospheres.

Regenti, Regent and Segenti Business

Many people of the Various Vampire Community online as well as offline prescribe to the theory that there such thing as Strigoi, or Stregoni, going so far to call us Haemavores and Chimeras, in order to get things to their likings.

People go so far as to reconstruct items to their needs and well being in a new way that they believe they really can screw everyone over. But that they can’t.

Regency exists for a few chosen noble people, early in their lives to give training and survival skills to those individuals, because they are normally hunted against and put in plots to shorten their lives so they can never grow up, and make it past their early adult hood.

If these people make it past their early adulthood then and make websites or documents portraying how correct stregoni or strigoi should live, we are quickly put on block lists, sin nomine lists-, and others to avoid the vampire community learning about what we really are and what we are not. Thus making a mockery out of something called maturity and something called true vampirism anyway Рpeople are not going to want you to know what you truly are if they think you are an asset, they will try and control you.

“Where is your Loyalty? WE need you for our cause to make this person feel unwanted so they will go away and die because we hate him or her for some stupid reason.” ¬†How mature are you folks really? We’re hated enough by outside people, why must our own kind act like they want us to die too? Because they are jealous. If they had to work for theirs all the days of their lives, and you just grow up to get it, it will bring to mind the Cain and Abel story of the bible (and is not far from the truth).

Neither The Strigoi Post, or is set up as a vampire community social site through the now present modern day community. That is why we will be listing them as Vampire Community or other so when we upgrade the Strigoi Project and index you can see where they are, and who we are.

I am a Regent, a¬†Regenti¬†and a¬†Segentis. It is all spiritual. It is done so as a¬†strigoi¬†woman I can remain free born and do not ever have to marry one of my cousins if I want too. Sometimes,¬†strigoi¬†do what the lupine or¬†upi¬†families do, they wed within the family to keep outsiders or wayfarers out. They don’t even do it legal, they use a method similar to hand fasting.

With my job I have the right to¬†excerise¬†freedom of person as well as anything else. I eat well, I¬†excerise¬†well, I live well. My well being and one other like me have to stay extremely well and healthy, and positive, we are not allowed to be negative and do what other vampires have done as well as¬†strigoi¬†throughout the savages of time because they became desperate enough to do those things. However, my counterpart for the men, does not want to be with me. It’s an on and off again item. At the moment, we’re friends, that’s all. It’s difficult to live apart and to live shamanically with and around one another, due to men get more urges than women. This isn’t actually true, it’s what he chooses his way of life to be. Sounds like I am making it all up, and however I am not. This is done to keep me safe from men that would prey on me — I have seen it, felt it and I don’t like it. I don’t like having to have a male guard. It’s demeaning and I can take care of myself, but sometimes it’s training for them as well as myself. One day, we may have to live together and get along in a difficult issue in our lives, The woman counterpart must trust the male, and vice versus. They would have to live together as if they were married, and totally in alignment with one another.

Negative¬†Strigoi¬†can be very spiteful. They live for revenge, and if any of you know “Salvasis” in the Communities you will know how and who I am talking about and why. I had a brief engagement with this young man (this actor) but when I learned why he was with me, I left the relationship and got on down the road with myself. There has been a plot against my life for several years now that has led to several moves, and they hope this continues, all because I will not date him and give him what he wants. He’s a methodist, as a¬†christian¬†and as an occultist, he was born as he was and that should be good enough and all he needs to be himself, but he thinks there is more to my blood and spirit than his own or any others. Yes, there is. If you are going to do a great evil with your bloodline, you shouldn’t have the abilities you have today. That is one of my jobs to make sure you don’t have greatness to do great evil with. As long as I don’t do evil and cause harm to some one who wants to do me harm, then it should not matter in the laws of the divine or of the land.

To live chosen one must act accordingly, do what is needed within reason, to make sacrifices even if its food or something you have been wanting, clothing or other things like this. We often have pain and have to manage it effortlessly with little complaining about the matter. We have to dress accordingly, simple and not overly wantonly or slutty or anything like this. Anything that would put us into the line of trouble with our men or others, is deemed unfit for our society, and we are not allowed to do this.

We must not overly persist with glamour or magick unless we must; we must keep a low profile. We must remain safe at all times. We’re not allowed to ask men out if we have a friend or a mate we are around, we’re not allowed to have sex with multiple partners as it’s considered “unruly behavior”. We have to stay in and not go out at night, even on quick walks, unless we need something from a store. We must limit our company of other men, or women, and friends to no more than 3 hours either for ourselves or our people.

We are not allowed to go to weddings, parties or funerals. They make us uncomfortable. If we throw a party it must not last for more than one hour, and not contain items or wares that would make us loose of tongue or of body. Alcohol, club drugs, drugs, etc are not allowed in our bodies, with the exception of the herb mary jane, which I don’t do, but do not see a problem with any of the plants except synthetic and the red haired plant, for the thc levels in the red haired plant is extreme and is man made.

WE always must pursue knowledges and wisdoms, so ritual and meditation practices are considered wonderful to have and to hold. The occult path is a Regenti/Segenti’s best line of defense from laundry stains to psychic attack to phantasms and to other icky energy suckers. Training, Training, Training! We do not mate, we Train. We read, we write, we pursue the arts, we become the arts, we work, we delegate, we build a better place for our kind to go…online and offline.

An interesting side note is that while I am a spiritual guardian and advisor, my Regenti “title” is Physical as well. It’s known in polite society as “ma’am” and a simple nod. I started noticing this in town and I was like “this is fairly different than anything I have ever seen before”. I don’t have to be known or introduced as “Regenti Ana Massien” or “Our Lady Segenti” — thankfully. It’s usually “Miss May I help you?” or “Do you need any help, Ma’am?” Then, the money donations started coming in for a free lunch, or free dinner, or money just for anything, free cups of coffee, then clothing items were given. Then, they started asking me for advice. I am greatly admired in my town and it all stems from the kindness of spirit.

Give your life over to God and you too might be chosen. Not an easy path to undertake.

Author: Ana Massien
Published: May 23rd
Modified: May 23rd

Strigoi are “dead” and “dangerous” — Mythos of

An acute heptagram.

An acute heptagram. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stemming from the link:

Which has been updated many times over the last three years, that keep this information “Tightened Up” to avoid people “roleplaying¬†strigoi”. (HI #radoslav gang)

Strigoi¬†are born the way they are from natural birth. It is just like if you were born Irish, Or¬†Otherkin, or¬†Therian¬†or German. (If you were of the belief of otherkin, something other than ‘human’ but not quite vampiric, or being uncomfortable with the ideal of being vampiric.)

They look no more “abnormal” than any other baby at birth, or any other children as they grow up.

What is felt by them is Alienation¬†and solitude from the rest of society and the world by the time they are three years old. They don’t fit with the werewolf children and they don’t sometimes fit well with their own kind.¬†Strigoi¬†Children are loners, antisocial by nature and want to grow up quick to avoid this stage of their lives. They don’t like wasting time on getting dirty or playing with dump trucks in the sandbox. They have a sense of¬†wanting to find what they are looking for, or here for early in their lives¬†without having the means to be able to explain it very well why they think they are here.

This alienation breeds distrust and pain in almost any Strigoi Child. They know by the time they are 15 that they are something else. They like only certain foods, times of day and night and seasons. They want things to run smoothly at all times. Most have nervous disorder problems as they reach puberty and early adult hood. None of them had very happy childhoods, and they refuse to talk about their childhoods, preferring to leave that alone.

In the early teens, they begin to drink energy and find others of their kind, either astrally, dream wise, telepathic wise, or in the community (LOCAL NOT¬†ONLINE). This is an odd meeting, the “you are like me! But god knows you aren’t either!” creates a kinship but a strange one, due to how we were all raised as children.

In the early 20’s most¬†Strigoi¬†have adapted well to others like themselves, home lives, relationships and diet. They are free to focus on why they are here. Most by this time have a gradual understanding that they have been “brought back to earth” and or have reincarnated. They feel more like themselves and if very mystical, have an overly large¬†affilation¬†with the OCCULT, all paths.

In the middle 30’s most¬†Strigoi¬†differ from Psychic or Energy “Psi Vamps” due to being able to project. The need to find why we are here has grown paramount in us and around us. Our paths begin to teach us life lessons that most folk lore likes to stem out of. Like: We are able to be less noticed or invisible if we feel like we are in danger or want to be left alone. Normal people see us, but to those who are¬†strigoi¬†also, the sight can become cloaked to them so they do not see us. Most of these kindred are in a Link with us at this time, and they also have a¬†headspace. Others pay us little to no attention, as we blur ourselves around them, due to energy change and vibration in the air, for we have a cloak about us that allows us to do this. Dead reanimated people or beings don’t have a mantle or a cloak. This aids us in going undetected in crowd places when we don’t feel like the attention. We are¬†Revahs¬†and Revenants, not¬†Renevants/Renevents. Those are Zombies, or “humans” bodies that die out inside themselves, but not quite outside enough to make them people who have died to be buried.

Strigoi¬†are also known as¬†Daca, from the Tribe of the¬†Dacians.¬†Daca¬†was the old name for the tribe due to it being the name of the¬†glamour¬†magick¬†that we -use. The tribe is very shamanic in origin, and we old ones are still walking this old planet, taking care of business, so to speak.¬†Dacians¬†are¬†“Ilui”¬†EEE-I-Loo. (Mystical Seeker/Dreamer/One)

This¬†is the word they used for themselves, also a Master is called “Shimi” a student of the paths are called “Shama” or Shaman. The path is called¬†Shama¬†as well. Many shaman pathways are located inside of¬†Dacian¬†pathways, both priest and warrior combined, we are Shaman.

Dacan, Dacian, Dracan, Dracian. Dacan and Dacian is the Light path / Neutral. Both warrior and priest. Dracan and Dracian is our Dark Path / Neutral. Both shaman and warrior and priest.

What you learn on the paths is up to you Рyour dedication levels, your knowledges, and your comfortableness with working with mystical alignments and forces to help you get the most of your own Immortality. Immortality is personal to the being. Drinking blood of a revah (Rivi) will not make you immortal, nor energy drain. You have to work with the forces you are apart of since you first became yourselves. Strigoi Heritage is done through the Spirit Essence of the being. Not parents, and not genetic. Through YOU and your self dedication to that of Shama and Vampirism and Shamanism. You control your own Immortality, and the rights of that unto yourself, unless you abuse it and it has been taken away from you. These mystical forces are people, beings and ancestors that have gone before you and with you before. You are Legend as soon as you connect with your own Shama and your own paths. No one else can take it from you but YOU, and THEM. The mind is a powerful thing, the soul is unstoppable, combined you are one all! With ascension and trans-ascension you become one with your own deity and light body, you return all the way back to the beginning, separating from Society so that you can be one with all that you deserve. This is part of the reason YOU ARE HERE NOW!
Ok, now I am starting to worry you because I went all Hippie on you right? I never said I was normal. To me a GraveDoll is a modern term for our Draca heritage, we love the smell of dirt, graveyards, statuary and fountains, banquets and more, we love more than just the vampire cultures! It is in our styles, carriage, ways we carry ourselves and how we live! Regardless of what past life we may imitate on occassion or time frame, to help us reconnect to Strigoi or Stregoni ways of life, we are still Ilui!
It is more than just fangs and freaky eyes. More than Castles and Capes. More than just Creeds and Veils. There is something that lures us back to when these times were simpler, but a whole lot more dangerous.
It is the epitome of finding our truest selves, Complete. That draws us back.
Author: Ana Massien
Published: Jun 14th
Modified: Jun 14th

Do we really need our soulmates, twinflames etc?

Do we really need our soulmates, twinflames or divine sacred flames and links?

A Couple of years
ago, I was like most people, very otherkin-ly obsessed. As you well know
maybe, otherkin are obsessed with finding the one pack they fit with,
or their soul family. Most soul families are telepathic and when they
mature, you may have a headspace. A Headspace is a very constant,
annoying thing. It can ridicule you, annoy you, or clue you in as too
another member’s location or if they are in danger. However, not every
member may trust his or her spirit enough to trust their headspace.

If this happens, love through
bonds in a headspace enviroment is not recomended. Bonds will be laughed
at and taken for granted. They will be spit on as well, and the women
or woman in the pack space often becomes very hurt, doesn’t trust
others, or becomes reverted in some such way as to have trouble with all
relationships, friendships and devolps trust issues where she doesn’t
feel safe with her bonds, pack or family.

Therefore, sometimes a female
has to ignore her soulbonded, just to make it through in her real life.
This in the long run seems beneficial, but it produces feelings of
discontent, mistrust and unhappiness and unfufillment with all involved.
Unhealthy bonds are one thing to get rid of in a shamanic manner, but
all bonds should not be done away with or deactivated. You should
treasure enough of your heritage to want to be their for your soulmate
or soul flame without it being about anything other than what you both
need from one another.


On a complete re-vision of this article, I would now have to say that soul-bonds are addictive and are habit forming. If you have links with your soul-bonded or soul-family, You will miss them when you are hurting emotionally or you are sick physically. It is damaging to them to have to re-link you and you them over and over, even if its convienant for you to take it out and then put it back in. It can be extremely hard to not be connected if you have become dependent on having them around all the time, with you. You share good things and bad things with your soul-bonds or soul-family, and it hurts us when we’re not around them. So, I now would say it is completely needed for us to need those links AS LONG as those links are NOT HURTFUL, or detrimental to your well-being and theirs.


Author: Ana Massien
Published: Feb 5th
Modified: Feb 5th

An acute heptagram.

An acute heptagram. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Witches Magick Moon, But a Shaman’s Truth.

English: Rare supermoon rising over lake in Ce...

English: Rare supermoon rising over lake in Central Florida. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The full moon is seen as it rises near the Lin...

The full moon is seen as it rises near the Lincoln Memorial, Saturday, March 19, 2011, in Washington. The full moon tonight is called a “Super Perigee Moon” since it is at its closest to Earth in 2011. The last full moon so big and close to Earth occurred in March of 1993. Photo Credit: (NASA/Bill Ingalls) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Witches Magick Moon; A Shaman’s Truth

Many people assume, or think that the Full Moon has magickal abilities or powers. It doesn’t.

Many cultures attribute
the full moon to be able to shape-change animals, men, women and aid
witches in the ability to cast glamors as well as Vampires and Faeries
and elves.

The moon is a big ball
of rock, it has no magickal abilities at all. It lights up at night due
to the percentage of the sunlight on it due to the sunlight shining on
the other-side of the world while The Northern Hemisphere or Vice
versus, is in Shadow and Darkness or night. This is common sense, yet
many people attribute the moon to having the ability to make them more
powerful or able to wield more magick, when it’s just not true.

However, it doesn’t
stop people magickal or otherwise from holding full moon events, gathers
and esbats or meetings. In the olden days, the full moon was a time to
come home and visit with relatives and friends, to trade news and
harvest crops or have a big feast or what not. It’s still the same today
‚ÄĒ except more modern normally.

Make sure you remember
this, tonight May 5th 2012, when you are viewing the Super Moon that is
Full as well as the Aquarid Meteor Shower.

(Written By Me Last Year, in May 2012)

Author: Ana Massien
Published: Feb 5th
Modified: Feb 5th

English: Lunar libration. see below for more d...

English: Lunar libration. see below for more descriptions Français : Librations de la lune. Voir une description détaillée en dessous. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Ikubi and Incubi. not the same as Succubi

Ikubi and Incubi – Not Succubi ‚ÄéWednesday, ‚ÄéJanuary ‚Äé23, ‚Äé2013 12:23:09 PM

Written By: Nyx Massien
One day I was musing about the Incubi, The Succubi and I realized, based on the persian-indo (Indu-European) script and language, that the way we understood the definition to be wrong. Incubi or Incubus, means (body within) Incu (Inside), Bus (their word for body). This is an energy being that has not true formed yet, but will one day. The energy it takes (sexual prana, as well as elemental prana around his or herself) helps it to Come Out, or Ikubi. (Icu- without, in the way of coming out side of one’s self) or Iku, (To control the flow outside of one’s self) and Bi or (dual body, two bodies. One physical, one spiritual, or projection. As in Revenant.)¬†
Now the Succubi for a minute through me for a loop, because when I write and muse I see things, how things look when I write. The Succubi to me took on a lupi (lupine shape) and looked and appeared to be a female werewolven creature that sucked on negative energies that did not help her or anyone around her. She was a sexual being, confused with all other energy vampires and could not Incubi or Ikubi. Succu means to (Latch on too, and feed in a malaising manner) and bus meaning body, but just one. It would mean that Incubi had been around a Succubi and she was in a strange stage where her energy had been attacked and she was trying to siphon energy similarly too a psychic, or energy vampire. It also suggests that the relationship they may have had had left her broken and whatever energy body she had left was trying to compensate by reacting outside itself wildly.
Now I hate to bust your bubble if you think your energy vampire male isn’t going to go try something furry, because he will. They are strangely attracted to the female furry companion and they shouldn’t be. It throws off energy patterns between the two of you and is considered unclean lovemaking and bond sharing with a kind that isn’t of our own. We know her kind here as “Groitier” (Gro-tee-ear) and she is considered a lowly creature, not because she is a woman but because of her breedline. Werewolves or lupines do not turn into wolves. Physically their body begins to take on a creature like shape if you are able to “see” in an in-between way. If you have attained enough energy vibration inside your own form that has transcended or changed, these people will look and sound different too you as well as smell. They are never allowed to change all the way and their bodies and minds just “die” even if they keep on living. They have an un-transcendance, where we have a ultra transcendance, if we know what we are doing, and it doesn’t ever stop.¬†
The Life Expectancy:
The Long life of an Ikubi is about 175+. I am not speaking shamanically. If they are a shaman, then they will feel millenia old and ageless by the time they do reach the end of their lifetimes. However, once transcended the vampire or energy vampire or Ikubi (whichever they like to call themselves, even Strigoi or Dacian or Dacias, or Stregoni/Volscian) is no longer living or living a lifetime. They are Transcended, and they have “died”, killing off their old life and going into a new one. This is either done through personal transcendance (i.e. my old life is gone, I no longer walk that path) or through a chosen ritual or sickness or other traumatic event that forces you to do something else or different. When we change our minds, and get away from much of the world, we change for the positive. I am currently living with no power utility but have water for free. I have ample sunlight during the day, and I go to bed early at night. Very little music or tv invades my personal life now and I actually prefer it too having everything in a tricked out apartment. I wifi sporadically everyday for a few hours, I charge my phones. This gets me by at home in the dark with just a few lit candles and sometimes none at all. For heat I get on the couch and bed down. Pulling the blankets over my head allows me to breathe heat into the blankets thus providing very comfortable sleep. Sometimes, it is draining and hard to do all the time. Allow the stress too slip away from you in a very shamanic way and do good things for yourself when you have the time and money. Bathing may be an issue but if you get nasty enough, cold water and soap will work!
If more people would live like vampires actually did in 1383 B.C.E then our green world wouldn’t be in such a plight. We would cut down on green house gases, and the need for electricity and its costs would be less. I have discovered that the electric filament in the light bulbs actually contributes to pain in my body and mind, and that it did this even in past lives when we first ever got electricity in our home town. Our Townhouse was one of the first in the city to ever recieve electricity in the form of wired light, call box telephones and electric hot water. Which helped improve our lives because of the harshness of the winter. WE didn’t have to go out for post office mail, or to use a pay phone, which used to just take a penny. However, the pain I speak of is Fibromagylia, which presents itself in vampires (Moroi, and Strigoi) which may or may not be aware that they are energy beings. If they are not, their pain is more, almost taking over their whole bodies and minds. If they are aware, then they are able to move that pain around in their bodies and use home remedies that still work today.
¬† So, whenever I do get my utility back on, those lights will stay off! I will use hot water for washing, and will not use the dishwasher! I will use the heat (I miss that very much, my heater) and hot water, but everything else will remain as if I lived in a different time frame, because if you lose it, there you are. Right back in a former time that still exists with or without utility. The town may look different but unless you have that past life time to fall back on many people would be lost. Thank god I have a better laptop now with a better battery, for my old one’s battery lasted thirty minutes if that.
If you need anymore information about the history or the ideal life of an Ikubi, you can email me through my website at or
— Nyx Massien
Author: Ana Massien
Published: Feb 4th
Modified: Feb 4th