I have a new community.

I have a new site at siteground ūüėČ lol It’s called http://foresthome.paganjourneys.net PaganJourneys.net is an oxwall community and as great as it is, it doesn’t have an rss feed function. The Forest Home is a Buddypress, and I am thinking about changing over to wordpress/buddypress entirely.


I hadn’t logged in here for a while because I haven’t felt like writing or doing anything with vampire sites.

I went looking on google and googled real vampires, and the websites all embarassed me, because it was escapism everywhere, and that is not what I am about. I am not trying to be a real vampire to escape a normal world or society; I am an energy consumer. I am an energy shaman. I see better when I eat, drink or consume natural food and energy. I see better when I drink blood in small doses, sometimes, even from myself. I feel better when its cloudy or rainy or stormy weather, because of the natural  wonders of energy in such atmospheres.


Regenti, Regent and Segenti Business

Many people of the Various Vampire Community online as well as offline prescribe to the theory that there such thing as Strigoi, or Stregoni, going so far to call us Haemavores and Chimeras, in order to get things to their likings.

People go so far as to reconstruct items to their needs and well being in a new way that they believe they really can screw everyone over. But that they can’t.

Regency exists for a few chosen noble people, early in their lives to give training and survival skills to those individuals, because they are normally hunted against and put in plots to shorten their lives so they can never grow up, and make it past their early adult hood.

If these people make it past their early adulthood then and make websites or documents portraying how correct stregoni or strigoi should live, we are quickly put on block lists, sin nomine lists-, and others to avoid the vampire community learning about what we really are and what we are not. Thus making a mockery out of something called maturity and something called true vampirism anyway Рpeople are not going to want you to know what you truly are if they think you are an asset, they will try and control you.

“Where is your Loyalty? WE need you for our cause to make this person feel unwanted so they will go away and die because we hate him or her for some stupid reason.” ¬†How mature are you folks really? We’re hated enough by outside people, why must our own kind act like they want us to die too? Because they are jealous. If they had to work for theirs all the days of their lives, and you just grow up to get it, it will bring to mind the Cain and Abel story of the bible (and is not far from the truth).

Neither The Strigoi Post, GraveDollz.com or VampyrePages.org is set up as a vampire community social site through the now present modern day community. That is why we will be listing them as Vampire Community or other so when we upgrade the Strigoi Project and index you can see where they are, and who we are.

I am a Regent, a¬†Regenti¬†and a¬†Segentis. It is all spiritual. It is done so as a¬†strigoi¬†woman I can remain free born and do not ever have to marry one of my cousins if I want too. Sometimes,¬†strigoi¬†do what the lupine or¬†upi¬†families do, they wed within the family to keep outsiders or wayfarers out. They don’t even do it legal, they use a method similar to hand fasting.

With my job I have the right to¬†excerise¬†freedom of person as well as anything else. I eat well, I¬†excerise¬†well, I live well. My well being and one other like me have to stay extremely well and healthy, and positive, we are not allowed to be negative and do what other vampires have done as well as¬†strigoi¬†throughout the savages of time because they became desperate enough to do those things. However, my counterpart for the men, does not want to be with me. It’s an on and off again item. At the moment, we’re friends, that’s all. It’s difficult to live apart and to live shamanically with and around one another, due to men get more urges than women. This isn’t actually true, it’s what he chooses his way of life to be. Sounds like I am making it all up, and however I am not. This is done to keep me safe from men that would prey on me — I have seen it, felt it and I don’t like it. I don’t like having to have a male guard. It’s demeaning and I can take care of myself, but sometimes it’s training for them as well as myself. One day, we may have to live together and get along in a difficult issue in our lives, The woman counterpart must trust the male, and vice versus. They would have to live together as if they were married, and totally in alignment with one another.

Negative¬†Strigoi¬†can be very spiteful. They live for revenge, and if any of you know “Salvasis” in the Communities you will know how and who I am talking about and why. I had a brief engagement with this young man (this actor) but when I learned why he was with me, I left the relationship and got on down the road with myself. There has been a plot against my life for several years now that has led to several moves, and they hope this continues, all because I will not date him and give him what he wants. He’s a methodist, as a¬†christian¬†and as an occultist, he was born as he was and that should be good enough and all he needs to be himself, but he thinks there is more to my blood and spirit than his own or any others. Yes, there is. If you are going to do a great evil with your bloodline, you shouldn’t have the abilities you have today. That is one of my jobs to make sure you don’t have greatness to do great evil with. As long as I don’t do evil and cause harm to some one who wants to do me harm, then it should not matter in the laws of the divine or of the land.

To live chosen one must act accordingly, do what is needed within reason, to make sacrifices even if its food or something you have been wanting, clothing or other things like this. We often have pain and have to manage it effortlessly with little complaining about the matter. We have to dress accordingly, simple and not overly wantonly or slutty or anything like this. Anything that would put us into the line of trouble with our men or others, is deemed unfit for our society, and we are not allowed to do this.

We must not overly persist with glamour or magick unless we must; we must keep a low profile. We must remain safe at all times. We’re not allowed to ask men out if we have a friend or a mate we are around, we’re not allowed to have sex with multiple partners as it’s considered “unruly behavior”. We have to stay in and not go out at night, even on quick walks, unless we need something from a store. We must limit our company of other men, or women, and friends to no more than 3 hours either for ourselves or our people.

We are not allowed to go to weddings, parties or funerals. They make us uncomfortable. If we throw a party it must not last for more than one hour, and not contain items or wares that would make us loose of tongue or of body. Alcohol, club drugs, drugs, etc are not allowed in our bodies, with the exception of the herb mary jane, which I don’t do, but do not see a problem with any of the plants except synthetic and the red haired plant, for the thc levels in the red haired plant is extreme and is man made.

WE always must pursue knowledges and wisdoms, so ritual and meditation practices are considered wonderful to have and to hold. The occult path is a Regenti/Segenti’s best line of defense from laundry stains to psychic attack to phantasms and to other icky energy suckers. Training, Training, Training! We do not mate, we Train. We read, we write, we pursue the arts, we become the arts, we work, we delegate, we build a better place for our kind to go…online and offline.

An interesting side note is that while I am a spiritual guardian and advisor, my Regenti “title” is Physical as well. It’s known in polite society as “ma’am” and a simple nod. I started noticing this in town and I was like “this is fairly different than anything I have ever seen before”. I don’t have to be known or introduced as “Regenti Ana Massien” or “Our Lady Segenti” — thankfully. It’s usually “Miss May I help you?” or “Do you need any help, Ma’am?” Then, the money donations started coming in for a free lunch, or free dinner, or money just for anything, free cups of coffee, then clothing items were given. Then, they started asking me for advice. I am greatly admired in my town and it all stems from the kindness of spirit.

Give your life over to God and you too might be chosen. Not an easy path to undertake.

Author: Ana Massien
Published: May 23rd
Modified: May 23rd

The Dacian Pathway System

There are Five pathways of the Strigoi Dacian/Nazareit/Nazareim System/Pathway:

  • Dacian
  • Dacan(i)
  • Dracian¬†(Straight / Not Homosexual)
  • Dracan
  • ‚ÄčDracas

These pathways in Nazareim Spirituality corespond to earlier works of my writings:

  • Aldebrac¬†/¬†Aladias¬†and¬†Volsci¬†/¬†Pittian¬†/¬†Massien
  • Mai’dres¬†/¬†Van’mor’ri¬†/¬†Navarran
  • Stri’mor’ri¬†/¬†Shi’rian
  • Moror¬†/¬†Moroi¬†/¬†Strigoi
  • Strigoi¬†Morte¬†/¬†Striroi¬†/¬†Sligoi¬†and also¬†Volsci¬†/ Transients /¬†Piti/Pittian¬†/¬†Masi/Massien


‚ÄčThe Nazareim spirituality system is a shamanism system comprised of when the Volsci people were in Italy or Itlis, and old name for Italy,¬†also called Itoi. (Place) By the sea. They were never very comfortable by the sea, and called themselves “Stre”. This laster developed into “Stregoni” For “Gaunt One”. They were a fish people, dining mainly on fish and berries, veggies and water. Little else. Back then, blood drinking and donorism was not wildly saught. There were no clubs or noirs, or havens. Everyone around was like you and you worked everyday, with fish markets or goods markets. (Kinda like the markets in video games) Some worked more at night, discovering better times to catch fish or a cooler time of day to make things or cook items. Later on the Stre moved into the forests of Italy, and created early towns and villages. Many decided to keep going and went to what is now Romania. The Stre were an unsettled people, they become unsettled very quickly, as they are in tune with the Earth. If they feel like they live near seismic activity, by the sea or they may be invaded, they will uproot and move.

“Stre” means “One”, “goni” means “Ghost¬†Go’er”, meaning to “goni” to go but also stay. An early word for Projection, or Projecting people, or “Revenant”, one that has “died” or changed / transcended / transmogrified, and has come back quickly and is Remade, either through spiritual-guides, or by will of god, or some profound change.¬†Stregoni¬†and¬†Strigoi¬†both sometimes look like¬†vampiric¬†elves, an energy people who are wary of other kinds of people, who stay with their own kind, sometimes confused with¬†Therianthropes¬†and¬†Otherkin. Sometimes alone, and not accepted by their own kinds because they don’t act like “Normal women” with cooking and cleaning, and sewing and child bearing and marrying and so on. Well my intended hasn’t come home from battle yet with his dirty armor and sword…hahaha.

The¬†Stre¬†were a¬†homeful¬†folk who worked on their fields and markets. They built houses and homes in the forests. They cleared the first lands and grew the first foods and things like this. Many of these things the men learned from the early¬†Tuscani¬†people (Lupines). Trade begin between the two people. This should have never happened. Many¬†Stre¬†argued and said they didn’t want their trades going to these¬†tuscani¬†people (Tuvi). Many¬†Tuscans¬†saw the¬†Stre¬†women and wanted them for their other wives, their¬†cluts, or their¬†Clutoi/Cluti. A¬†Clut¬†is a group of inbred families who all have sex¬†publically¬†in an orgy in a lupine manner. They are led by their¬†Modi¬†(an old woman who is their seer/priestess) and their early¬†Modini¬†(an early young woman who will one day become the¬†Modi¬†if she survives). The¬†Modini¬†is a young woman who grows up being sexually molested by her male and female family. Her father, her mother, and her brothers and her cousins, direct family or not, all will have sex with her by the time she is 16. At age 16 she’s given away to her future husband, usually a family member. Later on at age 26 or so, she will become the¬†Modoni, and train young children like she was, so early in her family. These are also Gypsy people.¬†Romi/Roma and¬†Romani. (Stregha/Streghanria)

‚ÄčThe reason the Stre and the Strega are so similar is that the people who remained behind had little choice or wanted to join with the Tuci Familia, and did so. The ones that escaped to Romania had a decent life until the Lupi invaded from Tuscani and Hungary.

About The Pathways:

  • Dacian: Warrior and Priest path. Hunters, Trackers, scouts. They do this all the time regardless if their is a threat or not in their area. It’s natural training.
  • Dacan: (Dacani) Priest path. Kings and Queens, Elders and Rulers. Council. Spiritual Advisor, but primeval, not modern-ish. “I would rather build my rath¬†in the forest 15 feet from the nearest road, than build my rath by the sea.” A rath is a house/hut. The beginning of Nazareim spirituality and shamanism, the people of Nazarath when it was shaman, not of Christianity.
  • Dracian: A warrior shaman and priest pathway. Two sects belong here, Straight people, and dracians who became homosexual. (Homio) also (Humi). Actually the homosexual folk don’t belong in our pathway, due to how correct energy alignment with your soul partner, is always male/female, never male/male, or female/female. It will make same sex partners feel uncomfortable and ashamed – especially if you try to steal someone’s soul partner away from them by making them Gay/Homosexual.
  • Dracian / Homossexual:¬†does not have any priests or warriors. They quickly lose all training due to domination of their partners, by their will and demeaning manners. If anyone truly loved you, they wouldn’t be abusing you. That’s abuse.
  • Dracan: A Priestly pathway of deep, intutive, innate, instinctive magick of one’s spirit and spirit-being. A great cleansing of the spirit is to come when one becomes Dracan, or studies the Dracan arts. Also known as Strigoii Magnus/Strigoi Magnus. In Volscian it’s Stregoni Mageus.
  • Dracas: Path of the Priest King and Priest Queen, or Kei and Quei. Lord and Lady. Spiriti and Lemis.

Uncomfortable? Don’t Fake the ID.

The News..Uncomfortable or not.

My other tumblr blog, the strigoi post, follows and tracks news about former and current vampire webmasters in the community.

Well, I have unearthed something on VampireKitten that is now not a member of the community in anyway, now being ‘ in a better place in his/her life’ she/he is not a real vampire anymore or therian. They just cosplay.

Apparently, me listing their work, where they do cosplay, http://hero4hireparty.com/ and ghoul-girls.com

among other items etc. made them feel uncomfortable on our little piece on tumblr, when the article (and it shouldn’t matter) if Hero 4 Hire is mentioned or not as the articles don’t call her/him names. What I am trying to say is trueformwithin.org was forwarded to vertiasvosliberatas.com for Merticus’s Vampire Project. No, what I am saying is Merticus is Vampirekitten, and VK isn’t a real female! While I can’t actually prove to you outside of tracking down both *or trying too* that they are the same person, I just don’t understand something. What does trueformwithin.org have to do with the new global vampire directory (as a domain?!?) Ok so why Forward the Domain?! Like Merticus has a problem buying domains!¬† Nothing! I am the only person who talks about true form vampirism, which I was into before 2004, which is around or about the time they bought their domain. They moan a fit back in the day and take it down, and then all a sudden it forwards to a known big global vampire site? Bad press was done with the domain if you ask me, not our article. ¬†I used to be a member of their community, while I have never been a fan of Atlanta Vampire Alliance, or House AVA, Merticus’s Main project, before this Global Vampire Directory, now that the Suschatio Archives are up, flailing over, etc… (or whatever they may be doing) I don’t know. I leave Vampire Community Politics to the Mayors and the “councils”..of which there are not. (Joke!) -Sighs-

Just a heads up, the Vampire Community you may know may not even be legit identities running around on the www. Has this always been a problem? Bite at your own risk!

Hello and Welcome.

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I am Ana Massien. I am a Vampirologist. I study vampirism and energy shamanism, for I have the belief that I am an energy shaman, as well as a true form Vampire.

I have been one all the days of my life ( I am 37 years old), but “awoke” to new signs of it in my early teens, like most of the online vampire community. However, even though I drank donor-ed blood for +5 years, I have since stopped doing so and do not support donor politics inside any vampire community. I drink and siphon life energy in the form of the thranamorphic and elemental energy, from ley lines, earth itself, storms, candle flames, fire, waterfalls, and natural foods: Veggies, Fruits and drinks like Coffee, because of the bean, not the caffiene.

I believe that I have witnessed an energy vibrational change called ascension, and that my body keeps going through it constantly. This process is called Light Body DNA awakening, or Ascensional Energy Change and VIbration. I am aware of my DNA, TRA, SRA, and NRA, and my MRA, and my ITRA as well as other parts. I am aware of my Trana, Srana, Svara, Mara, Mvara, Itrva, Itrvana, Sravana, Mvarana, Nvra/na and others, as well as Disincarnate memory: DRava, Dra, Dravana and more. There is many processes in ascension. I will be talking about some of these on VampPress.

Since this is wordpress, I decided to call this VampPress, due to it being primarily about Vampires/Vampyres. Klout is something I am influential about, and mine is currently at 41 and going up, WordPress and Tumblr is klout oriented and I would like to experience a better blogging and writing platform than Spruz.

Currently, Spruz hosts two of my sites, GraveDollz.com and VampyrePages.org, and while spruz is excellent cheap host for wikis, its not to ordeal for social networks. Pictures and other pages sometimes lag, and on a site like those I’d like to give my people a faster webhost. So I am currently looking at Tumblr and WordPress as that next step in social network hosting that is affordable on a smaller budget. Who knows, by years end I may be back on grou.ps at their Gold Plan, or TMDHosting.com or Siteground.com and use their dolphin platform. However, neither of those track klout!

Maybe just build a page on Facebook, and go that direction for a while, as it is also klout worthy.