Gothic Place Start Here: Listings of what’s new

Gothic Place Start Here: Listings of what’s new.


Uncomfortable? Don’t Fake the ID.

The News..Uncomfortable or not.

My other tumblr blog, the strigoi post, follows and tracks news about former and current vampire webmasters in the community.

Well, I have unearthed something on VampireKitten that is now not a member of the community in anyway, now being ‘ in a better place in his/her life’ she/he is not a real vampire anymore or therian. They just cosplay.

Apparently, me listing their work, where they do cosplay, and

among other items etc. made them feel uncomfortable on our little piece on tumblr, when the article (and it shouldn’t matter) if Hero 4 Hire is mentioned or not as the articles don’t call her/him names. What I am trying to say is was forwarded to for Merticus’s Vampire Project. No, what I am saying is Merticus is Vampirekitten, and VK isn’t a real female! While I can’t actually prove to you outside of tracking down both *or trying too* that they are the same person, I just don’t understand something. What does have to do with the new global vampire directory (as a domain?!?) Ok so why Forward the Domain?! Like Merticus has a problem buying domains!  Nothing! I am the only person who talks about true form vampirism, which I was into before 2004, which is around or about the time they bought their domain. They moan a fit back in the day and take it down, and then all a sudden it forwards to a known big global vampire site? Bad press was done with the domain if you ask me, not our article.  I used to be a member of their community, while I have never been a fan of Atlanta Vampire Alliance, or House AVA, Merticus’s Main project, before this Global Vampire Directory, now that the Suschatio Archives are up, flailing over, etc… (or whatever they may be doing) I don’t know. I leave Vampire Community Politics to the Mayors and the “councils”..of which there are not. (Joke!) -Sighs-

Just a heads up, the Vampire Community you may know may not even be legit identities running around on the www. Has this always been a problem? Bite at your own risk!

Hello and Welcome.

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I am Ana Massien. I am a Vampirologist. I study vampirism and energy shamanism, for I have the belief that I am an energy shaman, as well as a true form Vampire.

I have been one all the days of my life ( I am 37 years old), but “awoke” to new signs of it in my early teens, like most of the online vampire community. However, even though I drank donor-ed blood for +5 years, I have since stopped doing so and do not support donor politics inside any vampire community. I drink and siphon life energy in the form of the thranamorphic and elemental energy, from ley lines, earth itself, storms, candle flames, fire, waterfalls, and natural foods: Veggies, Fruits and drinks like Coffee, because of the bean, not the caffiene.

I believe that I have witnessed an energy vibrational change called ascension, and that my body keeps going through it constantly. This process is called Light Body DNA awakening, or Ascensional Energy Change and VIbration. I am aware of my DNA, TRA, SRA, and NRA, and my MRA, and my ITRA as well as other parts. I am aware of my Trana, Srana, Svara, Mara, Mvara, Itrva, Itrvana, Sravana, Mvarana, Nvra/na and others, as well as Disincarnate memory: DRava, Dra, Dravana and more. There is many processes in ascension. I will be talking about some of these on VampPress.

Since this is wordpress, I decided to call this VampPress, due to it being primarily about Vampires/Vampyres. Klout is something I am influential about, and mine is currently at 41 and going up, WordPress and Tumblr is klout oriented and I would like to experience a better blogging and writing platform than Spruz.

Currently, Spruz hosts two of my sites, and, and while spruz is excellent cheap host for wikis, its not to ordeal for social networks. Pictures and other pages sometimes lag, and on a site like those I’d like to give my people a faster webhost. So I am currently looking at Tumblr and WordPress as that next step in social network hosting that is affordable on a smaller budget. Who knows, by years end I may be back on at their Gold Plan, or or and use their dolphin platform. However, neither of those track klout!

Maybe just build a page on Facebook, and go that direction for a while, as it is also klout worthy.