It’s My Opinion.

Greetings people of the interwebz, intranet and internet,

Many people have come to some strange conclusion that I blog or publish articles to defame people.

I write about Vampires, Vampirism and the ad-formentioned vampire community, which is poorly formed. Therefore at some point in time, I will have to mention persona’s or i.d.’s or “names” of people used online for said communities. If this was a good posting then people would be happy with my works. Like, If I said “DandyFangs has had their community for five years and I have never ever heard one thing wrong about it and they were always friendly and it was really informative.” — This is a good review.

However, according to some people this is considered slanderous and stalking even if it’s good and just. Now if I said “DandyFangs was an awful community. It was not friendly nor was it helpful.” — This is considered bad press and everyone would say it was slanderous against them and defaming and that they could press charges. Either way, good or bad press of another’s works’ regardless if talked about or not with a username/usernick, according to them would be slanderous and defaming. They really don’t want YOU writing about them, at all.

I am a writer. I am a publisher. You do not have to have a license to post via web on tumblr, wordpress, livejournal or any journal site. I post theories, and I post opinions. I am going to sit down and think about what to write rather than blurt out to you stuff that I feel was bad form, “just to tell on someone”. A writer sits down and posts a list of facts they know about said persona. I say “persona” because they were not born as “DandyFangs” as an example. It’s a User name or a user nick. Persona is someone you become online to other people when you write, post pictures, notes, blog, or join a chat or im or website. This is how you are Known.

Not only this but if say in 1997 you had an alternative fetish community that was bdsm and blood letting and KINK, and now say in 2013 You have “grown up” and “are in a better place socially” and are working doing modeling work and cosplay and such, and you are uncomfortable with them finding you through google with an email address, postal address from before, or an old or current phone number, there is a very good chance that they could find an old site of yours, based on any real names you used with your old profiles. If you are going to go “Vanilla” now with your life style and it’s changed, you should still be comfortable if they find it, and it should be no loss of job if they do.

Anyone who is not that open minded about their client’s past history as well as their workers, does not need to be doing business. Everyone at sometime has tried on pvc pants or some kind of bondage outfit, just to see if it was them. I would never judge my job worker’s current professionalism and job experience based on what they used to do, unless, it affected their current jobs, in a business manner (Complaints of improperness, etc..)

However, my rating or my theory, or opinion is just that, an opinion. If you don’t like it, it’s tough. But the police of either state can not ask or even suggest for me to remove an article that isn’t derogatory or defaming, stalking or even slanderous. Now if I hit up google to get every ip address of the person, as well as everything they have ever published to the web, as well as a whois lookup of all known databases associated with their web presence, then that’s stalking. A Lawyer can contact me and ask me to remove said articles, but after reading them, themselves could clearly see where I am coming from on the subject matter. I am not afraid of local authorities and would love to talk to them about the issues at hand, if their are any.

Thank You,

Ana Massien

I can be contacted below through the following form:

Also, to further prove that her i.d. is not real, I looked up her IP that was posted on wordpress when she mouthed off with her “police scandal” comment. She lives in the middle of a goddam soccer field.



Btw, I am still waiting on the police to show up from California and I am still waiting to hear from “her” Lawyer.


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