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Here are just some of my Google Chrome Themes! I will be listing more of them later.


Vampires Q&A FAQ Here

How are Vampires Made:

You have to be born a vampire is the traditional response. Some also believe you have to receive blood from another or energy workings to help clear out or awaken you further. Everything happens in its own time – if you were meant to awaken, you will and continue to awaken.

When do Vampires awaken and what happens when they do?

Most seem to awaken in their early adulthood for men its 13-15 years of age. For women it is anywhere from 13-19 years of age depending on the person’s lifestyle, energy levels at the time, and their moods (Do atmosphere’s bother you yet? Which is a really good indicator of when energy affects someone…) also keep a notice of your dreams and dream state (do you feel like you are visiting other places when you sleep?) and energy levels (do you get cold for no reason, do your hands heat up for no reason or have you noticed this elsewhere like around your forehead or eyes?) 

Not much happens really, you just become moody, tired and withdrawn. You don’t want to do anything really.  You don’t act vampiric, or anything like this unless you were already drawn to that side of life beforehand.

**Most will disagree with me but most teens in today’s era will not awaken and will not be vampires (energy vampires anyway) due to the mass awakening of vampires of the energy kind in 1997. Since then, that kind of thing is controlled and watched so that the by now 30 something vampires aren’t trying to look for anything younger to be with, to educate a younger generation. We’re it. This was done so that you wouldn’t be looking for jailbait and the usual couldn’t happen as older vampires (men) ruined younger peoples lives. Sometimes an older vampire male wants to be recapture his youth by being a sexual or emotional predator and its something the communities have to watch for, physical, lifestyle and spiritual.

I don’t allow this or condone this, and I make sure my sites and groups know that this trolling and hunting isn’t encouraged or allowed.

 What is Fatigue from energy drain?

Fatigue from energy drain is when someone drains or siphons some of your high spirit energy away so that you are left feeling blahy, malaised, atmosphered to death and just yucky. A Warm shower with seat salt scrub will help you feel better as will eating a bowl of fruit or something natural. If you know how to ground negative energy from yourselves and rooms / places you go to often, its recommend you do this every time you feel that way.

What is a Revenant?

A Revenant from folklore is a person who has died, but come back to life. They could have passed out, lost conscienceness or been put to sleep in the hospital. This process stops the heart for a period of time, therefore that person dies and is brought back. Strigoi morte are vampires who take energy from blood and or energy (elemental normally) who have had a near death experience, who have come back to life, and are technically revenants. This is not always a bad thing, unless you want to be bad. Strigoi later become Revahs, which are master revenants and can help others who feel downtrodden against. 


Google Checkout

Since, I am checking into social media again and other payment for your sites deals and things like paypal, google checkout is going out of business on November 23rd, 2013 and so, signing up for google checkout seems to be a waste of time, really. They pointed me to Google wallet, but that is for buying from other places that accepts google wallet. I don’t get a cart mechanism for my websites members that ask you to donate cash or buy something…. My brain is going (zen cart zen cart, zen cart!) which means having to buy another domain like with siteground.com or something (sighs) and having to move 50 million things around again just to be trendy or prosperous.

“Get the hint and go away”

No, You get the hint. I am not going anywhere, never have been never will be.

Not only in additions to holding Vampire Polls, I have gone and done it:

http://realvampirecommunity.org which is the real vampire community project.

The Project focuses on organizing the members and people who call themselves vampires or community and they join, which promotes their resources, sites. links and pages, music, bands, and stores. If you don’t join you don’t. but Sanguinarius joined so she must not have a big issue with any of this lol


VampPress, AnaPress, RealVampiresWiki, DarkCovenNetwork, Sites in general

Hello everyone, just a fyi and a heads up on whats going on in august 2013:

RealVampiresWiki.com will have to wait. Its going over on VampyrePages.org this will come in September 2013 if I don’t close the site down on spruz. I am still paying for skysa bars, so it makes sense to use at least one on spruz.

VampPress is on the backburner, AnaPress points here to the WP at wordpress.

Dark Coven Network is my wall.fm vampires network atm, http://darkcovennet.wall.fm and may be something by this afternoon in the dot com domain area. Surprises, can’t put it here yet.

Skylines is another wall.fm network also in beta, and is for ascensional work but I don’t know literally what really to do with it yet. http://anamassien.wall.fm this may become an authors’ site for fans, Idk yet.

Gravedollz.com aka realvampyrejournals.org as a site has been cancelled on spruz. Its just too slow and I don’t want it anymore.



Revs & Posession

Revenants & Posession By: Ana Massien aka Runa Enustas Caoille

Many people think that Vampires/Strigoi and other energy beings are capable of mass amounts of love. The thing is these energy beings (of different energy vibrations, just like ascensionists, as they are ascending beings) vibrate and or feel less emotions than other people/beings because they are often solitary beings who don’t like to be around others, their kinds or not. Many believe we are colder, lonely people, who just need the right amount of love. Energy people or beings don’t need or want the love. We’re content with what we have, and we need love, we will seek it out in balance or nature on an elemental level. Immature revenants, will seek it out in the form of abusive relationship love, and other emotions like lust and anger. This is in many ways self posession. If you allow posessive love, lust and manipulation of others in your life, you’re living a life, or an unlife in posession. If you are an empathic person, or being, who uses empathy to “feed or siphon energies” from people, others like you, during sex or relationships, feelings or friendships, or just in general, this is very immature of your being. You’re basing your needs for energies on people other places of people in a parasitic manner, when you could just pull energy from elemental items like candle flames, storms, or sacred places, or forests or trees or parks or such just as well which will last longer, requiring you to feed less, as well as not have to deal with the energy of emotions crapping out faster and leaving you feel “blah” within an hour or two. This does not lead to fufilling energy or a fufilled energic body inside yourselves. I am not saying, don’t love others; but love them in a different way. Love them in a sacred way and it cuts down on jealousy, anger, pain, and anything else that stems from serious relationships.

If you distant yourself from normal society as it is accepted in today’s world, you will begin to feel the needs to fit in and for acceptance is less if non existence. Then you can live your life the way you want without the need to constantly please others, rather than yourselves and you will live fuller, happier lives, without much disappointment. We will use my most recent experience with moving for example. I have a few new ‘friends’ who were happy to help, as long as I didn’t have more than they did in their own homes and apartments. “If you can wait three or so months,” This church will be able to help you then, but I been on their lists three months and haven’t gotten a thing. This person clearly has good alignment of energy screwed in their being. She isn’t like me, not even vampiric or strigoi heritage based but she wanted me to wait for furniture when my need is greater than hers. I have a couch to sleep on and with Fibro, that’s not always good too do with my body. I will eventually need a bed, or a futon or something I can stretch out on. A Comfy couch will work for now, but not forever. I also need tables, hangers, dressers and places I can put clothes and blankets and things like this. I also need a boiler and some pots and pans that will allow me to cook. But my friend, apparently wanted me to eat cold food out of a can, as she rounded up a can opener for me to use, but didn’t want to let me borrow one of her three boilers until I could have gotten one, knowing I am flat broke now til October 2012. Who needs friends like this? People who are of a different energy persausion than you, will not want to help you succeed in your life and are more malignant than a vampire lover who wants you to be jealous of them all the time.

Sometimes you can’t win for losing with your handful of friends, which is why it’s so good for you to be all by your solitary self sometimes, if not most times. So, what can you do? It is better to be alone, rather than be in misery with friendship. Just get comfortable being by yourself. Try to schedule friends like appointments or with appts. Only ask friends for things you know they won’t mind departing with, and enjoy their time in short bursts, no more than an hour or an hour and a half. Try only to hang out with a guy or female friend in a casual manner. This cuts down on many problems: Their jealousy of you, their need to be around you all the time, the way they love you or the way they seemingly want you to fix them with your love. You should only love freely, without any regret. If you are regretting your time around someone, then you did it for the wrong reasons. The quote “Dance like no one is watching” is like this. Dance sometime in your room like no one is watching! Amazing freedom comes from effort given without motive to hurt or maim or take someone down or to hurt someone else. Love like this. If that isn’t pleasing to you, then your ideals of loving is wrong, and immaturely based on controlling someone or a sitchuation. If you can’t love openly like this, let them go and walk or run away from the sitchuation or person. If it comes back to you freely without you doing anything, then its supposed too. If it doesn’t, it’s not supposed to happen. So many people get up and live their lives like they think someone else wants them to live. “Oh my mom or dad would want me to be doing this on Saturday.” Or “I have to go to church on Sunday morning because GOD would want me to do this for myself. This is how I will get blessed soon.” So they hurry off to do someone elses’ will, instead of their own, within reason. Blessing comes when you enjoy your own life, the way you should be living it. Like for instance, I just washed clothes by hand, and wrung them out and hung them on hangers to dry in the bathroom. This is a chore, but I enjoyed it, so it brought me happiness and blessing which is based in humbleness, instead of humility. God doesn’t shame or sham into blessings, nor does any other Deity; Namaste is based on divine unity and humbleness in blessing; being small and rising from that small place but not out of it to experience wonder and acceptance of different paths and roads, and touching something great inside of ourselves and the universe at the same time. Ascension! Rising above basics and crap ways of thinking and life. Living outside the shell of the self, or the self of others.

Very few people are happy on the planet, regardless of the things they own or the ways they live. They always need more, more more. A Stove, a fridge, a new set of plates you’ll hardly ever use, this and that. You get blessings also by giving things many people believe you shouldn’t give away. Money, Change, things many people who have it horde. I like helping people if I am able to do so, but I don’t give it if I don’t have it to give. But if someone else wants coffee, or a dime for something, and I have it to give and i can afford too, I will give it. It always comes back to me. It was quite amusing to me to go shopping for items for my place that would make me more comfortable to live, not nessecarily happy or rich. People kept pointing out very ugly plates for me to buy. When I found a nice set of what many would say were Christmas or winter season plates only. I like snowmen, and harvest fall autumn items, so my whole apartment will be decked out in snowmen, owls, ravens, and other harvesty/winter wonderland items that many would consider “out of season”. I don’t change my items due to season. I get what I like and I use it all year long. I don’t get things I don’t need, like paper plates, forks and knives and throw them out. I re-use them as long as I can. Plain old forks for a dollar works just as well as forks for four dollars and ninty five cents at walmart. Two kitchen towels for a dollar work just as good as the two for five dollar at walmart brand. I don’t have to have fancy items – just things that work again and again and again. This article has been needing to be read, and written for quite some time. I am over at my apartment writing due to not having internet which for me its frustrating, yet nice to have a break. When I do get back online, I will have a plethora of articles on my site that will hopefully help others like me. If not perhaps it will help someone else. Another thing, is when I say “vampires or strigoi” I don’t mean people living life wearing black all the time, or black nail polish or makeup or eye liner. I don’t look very vampiric anymore, unless you know what you’re looking for at or in me. While I do wear darker colors, and my hair is still dyed black with red tints in it, and I am pale, this is not something I am doing to stand out. This is how I am comfortable living.

For myself, I can “sense” Strigoi folks, just like other vampires can sense other vampires. Sometimes, a Strigoi person will be more vampiric. The two terms are not exactly the same. Strigoi are nature loving people who live a very specific life. It is ran on a schedule that they can choose. They celebrate the same festivals every year alone or with others like themselves, and do not invite very many outsiders in. Vampires, which is widely accepted today don’t really know much about themselves or Strigoi Traditions because they have grown up outside their heritage and don’t know really how to live, and kinda flounder around in their lives and many people believe they are living in a phase. I used to believe I was just an energy latent vampiric person, but had the chance to discover my Strigoi and or Romanian heritage. Romanian heritage isn’t just bloodline — its spiritual as well. DNA is blood as well as spirit energy, and it is what makes us who we are, in this current life as well as past lives or future ones, and allows us to mature as spiritual beings through ascension. Vampires act a certain way — parasitic, non shamanic and abusive regardless if they are aware of their behavior or not. This is because they have been hurt to a pushed point so they constantly act out and lash out at other people. They can’t see inside their behavior, as they are acting posessed. Others see the wet blanket stereotype, and they think this person or being will always be this way. They write this person off as a problem person, they go on just as lashy as the person they wrote off. They become abusive, malignant people/beings. They argue, hurt, lash out like beasts instead of people. They prey on others, community wise and non. When does it become too much? “If you are constantly doing this, and if something or someone is bothering you and it becomes a daily minute by minute practice so you can make people miserable by having the chatic need fufilled so people walk around feeling hurt, malaised and drained, then it’s too much already.”

You should take a breath and realize this is probably apart of your soul trauma in past or current lives. Write a list of all the things that bother you about your lives, people, places, rituals, daily practices and everything or everyone else. Cross the list out, spit on it (pee/puke/shit/whatever else) and channel all your anger at it, about it, in the list. Burn it. Scatter the ashes. See these things leaving your life. Fire is very cleansing and is a good way to start out shamanic, if you didn’t want to look Native American. This is a misnomer by the way. Not all Shamans are Native American or of a tribe. You can say “Shay-man” or “Shah-man”. Either works. You also don’t have to be a man to be a shamanic person or being. Any energy feeder is a shaman regardless if they knew or not! You don’t have to turn into a wolf physically (impossible anyway) to be a Shaman. A Witch is also an energy worker, as well as a Magi, a Mage, a Magician, a Warlock, A Sorcerer, or a Sage, etc. All are different words for energy worker, as well as Medicine woman/man, witch doctor, priestess/priest, warrior/warrioress, hunter/huntress, lord/lady, etc. Turning into a wolf physically is a misnomer. It’s not a physical body that morphs into the form of a wolf.

It’s an archetype of a shaman to say they are a wolf in their body, and that they bring wolf medicine and healing to themselves and others this way. In your body inside yourself you say “I am a Wolf” Or “I am a Raven”, or “I am a Fish”. Then you walk around in your real self body, as a wolf would walk in its life, or as a raven would, or a fish would swim. This brings us NEW enlightenment as a Non human being, Strigoi, or Vampiric being as ascension works in our lives. Most shamans who work with animal magick or enlightenment are Therians. They, too are energy beings. Just like Strigoi, Shifters, Daevas (hindu nature spirits), Elementals, Anakim, Faeries or Elves. The same way therians say they are a wolf, you can say inside yourself “I am a faerie, or I am an elf”, you can also say “I am a Tree, or I am a Rock.” You can also say “I am the moon, stars or the sun, the planet, or vastness, winter or fall.” Shamanic archetypes – not stereotypes, are very enlightening, and if you don’t like what you are doing, you can change it. The thing about being a Shaman is you are always in perpetual change and never stagnant. But using different energies will change you as well, so you never quite fit the same mold as you did before you begin changing, which is good but sometimes I still get shocked and hurt by this change, but its just part of the process. People who accepted you pre-change will not accept you very well after you begin “dancing” as I call it. Sometimes, it is a dark path and sometimes a light one, but always neutral in energy, as it’s both dark and light. All true balance and energy is, and if it’s not present in your relationships and friendships, they are not worth having.

— Ana Massien

Vampire: The Ways of Being, when Transcended

There is a big difference in true form spirituality, and basic vampire community.Vampires, in the community, may or may not adhere to spirituality at all, whereas the ones who are transcended in thought and energy vibration are wholly spiritual, and are more spiritual based than anything else. They live, sleep, breathe with the great spirit, of the great wheel or the great dance.They live their requiem (funerary mass) which is their transcendence periods of life.Every heavy transcendence period has a break of 3 days to a week and half before the next one commences.
One transcends for a number of reasons:


1. To outgrow a phase of their lives.


2. To get over hurt or pain of a particular item or way of living.


3. To learn more about their soul history and while they are here.


4. To learn more about their races soul history and to learn of them.


5. To be a better more humble being in the future away from greed, pain and hurt and anger.

This is where the principles and tribes of the Strigoi and the Stregoni play a feature:


1. Morte – to rid themselves of past hurts and pains and be dead to certain elements that used to be important; to learn what undeath energy feels like, and to suffer it gladly, as well as succumb to it gradually.

2. Morteus (Stregoni) to deeper the path of understanding of death and how it is a journey, learning why some people pass and why others just goni or goi, learning what is important in life and what is not, and the wisdom and courage and fortitude to find it.

3. Magnus: to abilify one’s life while studying and learning from the elements, and its energies, to learn how to work spells and how not too; learning what is a gimmick in modern day and folklorish witchcraft, what to weave magick into and what not too, how to use its energies to better protect and keep ones live in order.


4. Maegus (Stregoni): To deeper understand the greater knowledges one has already learned, what is deeper as in what is real and not real and understanding truer motives in peoples’ natures, learning how to work with this paradigrim and this paradox, to find even deeper balance of the self and one’s being.


5. Mori (Strigoi / Sligi/ Sligoi) to use one’s abilities in waking life to better attain a better and balanced living, using what you are for greater good and purpose by defining your will to point further and forward; defining your being and character with your will so that people you interact with will know you live by example, and lead by example.


6. Benefici: (Stregoni) Using the traits above to make the most out of your transcended being; being one with yourself in a way that defines rational explanation, creating a misunderstood unity of the one all, body, mind, and spirit, in the body, or god vessel. Living life as a truly ascended being, transcended soul, and Benefitted, Chosen Deim in modern day society, but onward on the path, not in the world or towards it, but with it, with yourself, towards the outward journey of being and complete-ness.


These are the basics. More to come!


— Ana Massien, written by me, created by ancestors and onward. Do not share unless you ask permission!