Well, you tell me.

Tonight, I asked a neighbor of mine to take me to the store, at the dollar general. He normally takes me as it is cab fare normally if we want to go anywhere. So he has offered to take me and not charge me gas money. He’s an eldery good ole’ boy, like 55 or so. I was told he was only looking for a friend to help out.

Well, tonight he said he hadn’t ate dinner yet so did I want to go to Captain D’s, a nice fish place, fairly so anyway and I said I suppose. That was really uncomfortable with me. I even put my elbows on the table (I am lady HAH! you’re not supposed to put your elbows on the table) and well he noticed and PUT his on the table, same as me. I looked at my plate, allot and then at the boat pictures and the pictures of the ships and netting and stuff… *cringes* and made light talk of the last time I had been there with family and all this, and he didn’t do much else to wig me out and when I went to the dollar store again he let me spend my own money this time lol I bought some halloween doo-dads and some carpet fresh for tomorrow and vacumming downstairs.

I don’t think me and him is going to be hanging out again at all. If we do we’re going to bring someone with us because this is getting odd. I date guys my age, 30’s, late twenties, not 40’s not 50’s not 60’s. I mean I am strigoi I am going to look 18 for the rest of my life. I just don’t look my age and I don’t date anyone other than strigoi men. I don’t want too. I don’t date or screw black men I don’t screw old men. Everytime I hang out with someone it’s always a problem about relationships. I have told people I just don’t date, its like I can never go out and hang out with anyone like me. The neighbor isn’t like me…ugh. It was just an offer  at first to go to the store or hang out and talk on the porch, but now warnings have tripped off in my brain and it’s time to put the boat up and run off home, lock all the doors and hide in the bedroom and hope he don’t come knocking.

I mean that’s a metaphor we haven’t gone fishing and I don’t live in the country. Strigoi men, come save me come hang out and protect me, let me hide under your wing there…sigh. I don’t need a protector but they just don’t seem to get it.