Vampire Polls

If you could please vote on these polls if you are A Transcended Living Vampire/Vampyre, or Vampire Community member and supporter. You can also comment the polls, but please leave polite comments, and if negative please provide a polite positive feedback or other comment.

I want to see where the majority of the people lie, between Transcended and Spiritual, or Vampire Community Supporter and Member.

DO NOT: Hate on my blog because of these posts.

This is an opinionated place. If you are not mature enough to consider a poll a best way to ask visitors questions to determine where the majority now lies, please leave, Not everyone IS Vampire Community members or Supporters due to the OVC never being a really comfortable place to be. If you want to place blame, place blame on yourselves for being unwelcoming to begin with, either way it won’t change the fact that some beings are transcended strigoi and you are still aging, and we are not. I can see how some of that would freak you out, but its not my fault drinking cow blood never did the trick for you guys. IF you have good suggestions for a topic in a poll here please submit them by comment. If you support this page, please also like, post a good reply, and add by facebook or twitter or press this.

Thank you in advance,

Ana Massien


PS / Disclaimer: For those who have “found out” that I am “Ana NIghtshade” and several other pages / accounts etc, yes it is so. What does that have to do with anything? I have been a Bloodlines International Member, a Vampire Church member, a follower of real vampire news and the vampire observer/source,, the psychic vampire support pages, alukas’s house, and many other networks, boards and sites. I have been a member also of TempleUVUP through good and bad standing, and few other sites I shall not mention just because she doesn’t want me to use her site names. The only site I have ever been suspended from is and its only because Larae is a man, aka Father Sebastian Todd. 🙂 I have nothing against this man anymore since we all now know that OSV is independent and not trying to speak for all Strigoi or Vampires everywhere. You’ll either love me or hate me but I am not about to kiss anyone’s ass. Regardless, I’ll still be taking elemental energy tonight even if you publically “sin nomine” me, which is actually not banishment in Latin. Sin Nominae is to “Nominate through the Blood-Spirit” as in If someone is truly sin nomined, they would be chosen through their grandscale house to be honored, not banished. If in a grand,scale or overall house, in a Legion, to banish would be to “Si ni Fo’ri’mae” depending on what the being or person had done against the house or legion. To “Si” this way means hey would banish you forthright from the area of living because you ran around with lupine people, families or tried to intermix them in our society, through living arrangements, parties, houses, or marriages. There is also “Si Fo’ri’mae’ni(s)” which is worse. This is when a Vampire is at their most destructive being and they are out of control, people would look the other way if they just came up missing in a Legion, back in the day before law enforcement put people in jail.


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